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23:10 26-12-2006
lol where is everyone?? Anyone heard from lirack?!?!
13:15 24-12-2006
ye but u need pure hydrogen to put into the ballon aswell tomake it blow up
00:36 24-12-2006
yea but my parents wont let me try, they also wont let me burn a baloon
14:48 23-12-2006
00:04 23-12-2006
cooool, if you put some "mentos" in a 2 litres bottle of cola, (lot light cause it need sugar) then it will make a 20 metres big column of cola foam(or how ever you say that) and its sooo fucking maaad!!!! hehe and theres soo much power on it that you cant hold it back, and if you close the bottle b4 it goes on, the bottle totally explode hehe
15:28 22-12-2006
i put some sodium in a bucket of water, no wait, it was phosphorus, and it blew up and made a mushroom cloud (just small but it was soooo mad!!!)
22:12 21-12-2006
dunno what year i'm at, do that which i cant remember whats its called, the 2 years b4 0th. grade, count?? if so, then i'm at year 12, and we just keep getting homework, hehe today in sience our teacher burned a baloon hehe, it made a huge explosion with fire, was awesome, and then he started talking about that we are more active if he explode something hehe, true enough
15:17 21-12-2006
I got holiday homework, but thats because I'm in year 12 now, doing the HSC course, so that means that next year, i won't get any holidays until i finish school because i'll be doing work in them
23:21 20-12-2006
why do you even get homework for in the hols?? Teachers are sooo stupid if they belive that i am gonna work in my hols
22:51 20-12-2006
well im on hols now yay, an all iv got to do is some IT stuff
15:38 20-12-2006
lol, wen i get back to school, ill be working, no breaks!!!
23:45 19-12-2006
yea this is just crazy we got millions of assignments to do in the holidays you dont know how lucky you are reaper!!
18:29 19-12-2006
i'm in the easy life for now.....
12:28 19-12-2006
f**k, well, in the geo test we had on friday, we had to write 6 pages in 45 mins i gave the teacher a card with a bomb in it tho *warning, may not have given teacher a card with a bomb in it*
23:45 18-12-2006
srry for dp but i think its a C- or a D, but its right over F
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